Difference between पुरानो प्रप्स टेका (Old Props Teka) and नयाँ प्रप्स टेका (New Props Teka)

Difference between पुरानो प्रप्स टेका (Old Props Teka) and नयाँ प्रप्स टेका (New Props Teka)

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Props Teka or scaffolding as they are commonly called, are an integral aspect of every construction project. Without proper scaffolding, things like accessing higher places and being safe at heights would be hard. Regardless of your construction or maintenance project, as long as it involves heights, you need a props teka. That said, when people think about scaffolding, they usually have an image of the new Props Teka. However, did you know that used scaffolding is just as good as the new ones? Now some of you may be wondering - if the पुरानो प्रप्स टेका (Old Props Teka) is just as good as the नयाँ प्रप्स टेका (New props teka), what is the difference between Purano (Old) Props Teka?

Here we will explain to you the key differences between the पुरानो प्रप्स टेका (Old Props Teka) and नयाँ प्रप्स टेका(New Props Teka). Along with this, we will also cover the definition and function of Props Teka (scaffolding). 

What is Props Teka (Scaffolding)?

Scaffolding or Props Teka are temporary structures erected on construction sites. These temporary structures are designed to provide a platform for workers to perform tasks at elevated heights. Props Teka includes several parts. These parts include a series of metal tubes, boards, nuts, and couplers assembled to create a well-built structure. 

The design of these structures will vary depending on the types of scaffolding. 

Types of Scaffolding

There are seven basic types of scaffolding based on their structure and use. These scaffolding are as follows:

  • Tube and Coupler Scaffolding/Props Teka: This type of scaffolding consists of vertical and horizontal tubes connected with couplers

  • Frame Scaffolding/ H-Frame scaffolding/Props Teka: H-frame scaffolding consists features prefabricated frames connected horizontally and vertically in H shape

  • System Scaffolding/Props Teka: This type of scaffolding uses pre-designed components that can easily be connected and exchanged

  • Suspended Scaffolding/Props Teka: Suspended Scaffolding is suspended from a frame at a height

  • Cantilever Scaffolding/Props Teka: This form of scaffolding uses horizontal beams supported by the building 

  • Mobile Scaffolding/Props Teka: They are equipped with wheels or casters at the base for easy mobility

  • Single Pole Scaffolding: It is a scaffolding that uses a single pole secured on the ground. 

Depending on the specific needs of a project, any of these types of Props Teka/ scaffolding may be used. Now that we have a basic insight into what scaffolding is, let's move on to our next topic. 

How are Props Teka used?

Props Teka used

Props Teka/Scaffolding are used in construction to provide a safe and stable working platform for the workers.. They play a crucial role in construction activities, maintenance and repairs. From what we have said so far, you may already have guessed some of the functions of props teka used. That said, the following are some of the ways in how props teka can be used. 

Provide access to the elevated areas

Props Teka are used to provide access to elevated areas. They provide a stable platform for workers to work at different levels of buildings or structures. 


Scaffolding is used to provide the workers with a stable surface during construction. This allows construction workers to install structural components, lay bricks, pour concrete, and other such activities.


They provide the workers with a stable platform from which they can work on repairs and maintenance constructions.

Industrial applications 

Scaffolding is used in many industrial settings, such as power plants and other manufacturing facilities. The scaffolding provides access and a stable platform at heights in this setting. 

Event and Stage Construction

Props Teka or scaffolding are used in the construction of temporary stages. They are strong, easily installed, and removed, perfect for temporary structures. 

Besides the ones we mentioned here, there are several other scaffolding methods. The ones we mentioned here are just some of the ways in how scaffoldings can be used. Along with that there are many importances of Props teka as well. If you want to know more about the importances and benefits of props teka, do check out our blog on it.

Now that we covered the basics of scaffolding and how they are used, let's talk about the core of our topic. 

What is the difference between पुरानो प्रप्स टेका (Old Props Teka) and नयाँ प्रप्स टेका (New Props Teka)?

Old Props Teka

So what is the difference between पुरानो प्रप्स टेका (Old Props Teka) and नयाँ प्रप्स टेका(New Props Teka)? Honestly, except for a slight degradation in quality, there is not much of a difference between Naya and पुरानो `प्रप्स टेका. In Nepali, नयाँ means New and Purano पुरानो means Old. So the basic difference is that one is old and another one is slightly older. That said, the following are some of the key differences between new and old props teka. 

नयाँ प्रप्स टेका are First Hand  and पुरानो प्रप्स टेकाare second hand

When you purchase नयाँ `प्रप्स टेका at Pappu Trade Concern, you get the first hand props teka. You will be the first one to use the scaffolding. 

पुरानो `प्रप्स टेका from Pappu Trade concern, has changed hands a few times. 

नयाँ प्रप्स टेका are Unused, while पुरानो प्रप्स टेका are used

This one is a simple difference between नयाँ प्रप्स टेका and पुरानो प्रप्स टेका. When you get नयाँ `प्रप्स टेका, you will be the first one to use them. Their quality is at its highest, so they are at their peak strength.

On the other hand, if you rent or buy पुरानो प्रप्स टेका, it will have been used a few times. The existing history of the scaffolding ensures that they have been tried and tested.

Naya Props Teka are Expensive, while पुरानो प्रप्स टेका are cheaper

Since the नयाँ प्रप्स टेका has not changed hands and has been used in any shape, they cost a bit more than the पुरानो and used ones. However, since the पुरानो प्रप्स टेका has changed hands and been used, it caused a slight downfall in the price of the scaffolding. 

The core difference is that the newer ones are unused, while older props teka may be used. The final difference between the नयाँ (new) and पुरानो (Old) props teka is that the new ones are cheaper and the old ones are cheaper. 

Pappu Trade concern offers you with both नयाँ प्रप्स टेका  and पुरानो प्रप्स टेका. Additionally, you can also choose from two types of Naya and Purano PropsTeka. You can choose the props teka of 11 feet or of 13 feet for both. 


In conclusion, the Props Teka or Scaffolding are temporary construction frames. These frames can be used to provide stable platforms for the workers. They help the construction workers to build, repair, and maintain various projects. They are also used in construction, maintenance, industrial applications, event and stage applications, and more. Now you can use both Naya (New) props teka and पुरानो प्रप्स टेका (Old Props teka). 

What is the difference between पुरानो प्रप्स टेका (old props teka)  and naya (new props teka)? The difference between the old and new props is surprisingly small. The old props are second-hand, used and a bit cheaper. Meanwhile, the naya props teka are first-hand, unused and a bit more expensive. 

We hope you found this helpful. If you want to know more about the props, teka and scaffolding, please check out some of our other blogs. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 

FAQ regarding Naya and Purano Props Teka

Q: What does Naya Props Teka mean?

A: Naya props teka means new props which have not been used. 

Q: What does Purano props teka mean?

A: Purano props teka means old props teka/ scaffolding that has been used and/ or changed hands once or twice.