Need of Thela Gaada in Construction and Its Use

Need of Thela Gaada in Construction and Its Use

10 months ago , Pappu Trade Concern

In the world of construction, every small detail can make a large difference. Furthermore, construction is a labor-intensive task. Therefore, construction workers use various tools to make their jobs easier, more efficient, and more accurate. One such tool is Thela Gaada, commonly known as Wheelbarrow. They are simple hand-powered carts with two or four wheels. As you may know, the primary purpose of Thela Gaada is to transport construction materials. However, in the modern world where we can transport trucks, what is the need for Thela Gaada and its use?

Well, first of all, they are highly maneuverable and can reach various places where transportation trucks cannot. Furthermore, they do not require operating costs as well.

In this blog, we will dive deep into the significant role of Thela Gaada and why it is needed in construction. Along with this, we will also explore some of its primary uses. So, without any further ado, let's get started!

Application of Thela Gaada

Application of Thela Gaada

Let's start our blog by first learning about the various applications of Thela Gaada. Although this construction equipment is simple, it has various functions one must consider. But what is the core application of Thela Gaada? Some of the core applications of wheelbarrow are as follows:

Material and Equipment Transport

The primary purpose of Thela Gaada is to transport various construction materials and equipment. A wheelbarrow is essentially a box with wheels and handles. Therefore, you can easily keep and move various construction materials around the construction sites. This includes construction materials such as sand, cement, and bricks. Furthermore, you can also transport small construction equipment such as power tools, nuts and bolts, and sockets in bulk. Although the wheelbarrow's capacity is limited, it is highly maneuverable. Therefore, you can transport across small and uneven areas easily.

Removal of Construction Debris

Another primary use of Thela Gaada in construction sites is its aid in removing construction debris. Regardless of your efficiency, you will always have some debris on construction sites. This debris can come from chipping away bricks to make room for sockets, chipped stones and bricks, or excess materials. With the size and maneuverability of Thela Gaada, you can easily gather debris in bulk and remove it.

Temporary Storage of Material

Besides transportation, Thela Gaada is also used to store construction materials temporarily. This is because Thela Gaada are metal boxes with wheels attached to them. Therefore, you can temporarily store bricks and loose sand/cement.

These are the three core applications of Thela Gaada in the construction site. You can easily guess why Wheelbarrow plays an important role in construction sites from the usages we mentioned here.

Advantages of Thela Gaada/ Wheelbarrow

Advantages of Thela Gaada

Although wheelbarrows have their usage, the uses we mentioned so far are not exclusive to Thela Gaadas. You can have the same function with a transportation truck and a cube box. However, Thela Gaada has some distinct advantages that make it valuable. Some of the advantages that you can get from Thela Gaada are as follows:


One of the primary advantages of a wheelbarrow over other means of transportation is its maneuverability. Since the wheelbarrow is small, you can easily fit this construction equipment in small construction spaces. Furthermore, wheelbarrows are manually operated. This gives you better control over this construction equipment. Therefore, you can easily make tight turns compared to motorized transportation equipment.

Cost Effectiveness

By now, you already know that Thela Gaada is extremely simple. They are, after all, boxes with wheels and handles. This simplicity makes these construction equipment extremely affordable. Furthermore, the wheelbarrow's simplicity also results in fewer chances of breakdowns. In fact, the only way a Thela Gaada can get damaged is if the metal used gets rusted or the wheel gets extremely torn. Both of these scenarios can take years to happen. Therefore, these construction equipment are also extremely cost-effective in the long run.

Time Efficiency

Along with effectively using cost, Thela Gaada also helps you utilize time efficiently. You can carry a lot more construction materials using a wheelbarrow. Therefore, you can reduce the number of trips needed for construction equipment. Furthermore, you can also save your energy while using the wheelbarrow as well. This results in you being able to utilize time more efficiently.

Space Optimization

This advantage of Thela Gaada ties to its use as a temporary storage. You can temporarily use wheelbarrows to store various construction equipment. Therefore, you can better optimize the space around you. Furthermore, you can even stack bricks, tiles, and stabs on the wheelbarrow. This further enables you to optimize your space better.


As we mentioned earlier, wheelbarrows are highly durable. A single wheelbarrow can last for years of constant use. This makes Thela Gaada highly efficient on natural resources. Furthermore, wheelbarrows are essentially zero-emission construction equipment. They do not require any fuel to run. Sure, you need some natural resources to manufacture this equipment. However, their long shelf life offsets the consumption of resources for production. Additionally, it is extremely easy to repair them as well. You just need to change their tires or do a bit of welding to repair them even when they are damaged.

These are the primary advantages of wheelbarrows. From this, you can easily guess why wheelbarrows are preferred in the construction industry. They are efficient, sustainable, and highly maneuverable modes of transport.

Safety Consideration to Use Thela Gaada

Now that you know about the need for Thela Gaada and its use in construction sites, let's talk briefly about the safety considerations. Although this device is simple to use, there are still some precautions you should take to avoid injury and material damage. Some of the primary safety considerations you should implement when using Thela Gaada are as follows:

Weight Limit

Before using this construction equipment, you should know that Thela Gaada has its weight limits. If you load more weight than it can handle, you can easily damage the wheelbarrow. Furthermore, you should also be wary of the weight you can lift. Although this equipment enhances your load-bearing strength, you can still strain yourself if you load too much weight.

Load Distribution

Besides the amount of load, you should also note its distribution. You can topple the wheelbarrow if the weight leans too much towards the front. If the weight is distributed towards the rear, it can make the wheelbarrow harder to use. Therefore, you should try to keep it at the center of the wheelbarrow whenever possible. This will lessen the energy needed and keep you safe.

Clear Pathways

Although wheelbarrows are extremely maneuverable, there is a limit to their mobility. Therefore, you should always have a clear path when using this device. Yes, you can indeed go around some obstacles. However, having too many of them will put you under strain and counter its efficiency.

Terrain Assessment

Along with a clear path, you should also know the terrain around you. Using Thela Gaada will be hard on slopes and uneven terrain. Although uneven terrain does not pose a high risk, it can strain your body greatly. Additionally, you must put in more force when going up the slope. Similarly, you must have a good grip while going down the slopes. Having a good idea of the terrain will help you prepare well.

You must follow These safety protocols when using the Thela Gaada on construction sites.


In the construction world, the Thela Gaada is one of the important tools. This simple construction equipment makes transportation and storage easier and simpler. Furthermore, its simplicity makes it a cost-effective and durable equipment. Therefore, the need for Thela Gaada and its use in construction sites cannot be underestimated. However, when using this construction equipment, you should be aware of the safety precautions.

We hope you found this helpful. If you want further insights into various construction equipment, check out some of our other blogs. And if you want some of the best construction equipment in Nepal, do remember us at Pappu Trade Concern. Thank you for reading till the end.

FAQ on Thela Gaada

Q: What is Wheelbarrow/ Thela Gaada used for?

A: A wheelbarrow is a movable cart that is used to transport materials from one location to another easily and efficiently. You can also use this equipment as a temporary storage for your construction and gardening materials.

Q: What are two advantages of using a Wheelbarrow?

A: The first advantage of using a wheelbarrow is that it makes transportation of goods from one place to another easier. The second advantage of wheelbarrows is that they are highly durable and sustainable equipment that does not pollute the environment when used in construction.