Fix Clamp/ Swivel Clamp/ Scaffold Clamp

Fix Clamp / Swivel Clamp / Scaffold Clamp is a versatile scaffold clamp that is designed to provide a secure and safe connection between the horizontal and vertical pipes in a scaffolding. At Pappu Trade Concern, we provide you with Fix Clamp that is made from high-quality material. These clamps are designed to provide strong support and are resistant to weathering. As a scaffolding clamp, the primary purpose of our Fix Clamp/ Swivel Clamp/ Scaffold Clamp is to provide stable and secure platforms for workers to stand on at any height along the vertical tube. And with the best Fix Clamp/ Swivel Clamp/ Scaffold Clamp from Pappu Trade Concern, you can be assured of the quality! 

Furthermore, our Fix Clamps are versatile and compatible with most of the standard scaffolding systems, ensuring that regardless of your construction project, there is a perfect Fix Clamp for you. You can also buy custom swivel clamps in Nepal from Pappu Trade Concern.

Why it helps you better

  • Highly Versatile and durable

  • Made from high-quality materials

  • An essential component of scaffolding for stable platforms

  • Custom Sizes

  • Perfect for any construction project

Buy a Scaffold Clamp in Nepal of the best price and highest quality from Pappu Trade Concern and be assured of the safety in your construction projects!