Plate farma/ Acro Shuttering Plates

Pappu Trade Concern offers high-quality Acro Shuttering places designed to provide sturdy and reliable support for all your construction projects. These plates are designed as temporary support structures for the construction of R.C.C. walls, columns, beams, culverts, fly-over bridges, under bridges and all other forms of heavy construction projects. Our Acro Shuttering Plates/ Plate Farma come in a wide range of sizes and can be customized to fit the needs of your construction project, regardless of what they may be. 

With high-quality materials and a high customization range, you can trust our Acro Shuttering plates for all your major construction projects!

Why it helps you better

  • High-quality acro shuttering plates

  • Made from high-quality materials 

  • Customizable size 

  • Perfect for all the major construction projects 

  • Affordable Acro Shuttering Plates Price in Nepal

At Pappu Trade Concern, you can Buy Acro Shuttering Plates of the highest quality at your convenience and get reliable construction support for all your projects.