Shuttering Clamp in Nepal (Shikanja)/ Maaljam

Shuttering Clamp (Sikanja)/ Maaljam are essential construction materials designed to provide secure and reliable connections. The shuttering profiles we provide are made from high-grade steel and are designed to withstand heavy loads and tough environmental conditions. These constriction materials are used to hold formwork together during the concrete pouring and curing process to ensure that the concrete sets in a desired shape. We also offer you shuttering clamps of custom size to fit all your concrete construction needs!

Shuttering Clamp Trusted Suppliers- Pappu Trade Concern

Pillar Shuttering Plates / Pillar Farma are structures used in the construction of concrete pillars or columns. Now you can buy the highest-quality Pillar Shuttering Plates in Nepal from Pappu Trade Concern at the best price. Our  Pillar Shuttering Plates are made from high-quality materials and are designed to provide reliable support for concrete pillars during your construction project, regardless of what it is. Furthermore, we offer you customizable sizes, shapes, and thicknesses in our Pillar Shuttering Plates to ensure that you can have the best Pillar Shuttering Plates in Nepal.

The price of Pillar Shuttering Plates in Nepal at Pappu Trade Concern is reasonable and affordable for its quality.

At Pappu Trade Concern, we offer you the choice to buy Shuttering Clamp in Nepal of the best quality for your concrete construction needs!

Why it helps you better

  • Designed for durability and resistance

  • Made from high-quality materials

  • An essential component for concrete construction

  • Custom Sizes

  • Affordable price

We offer you an affordable price of Shuttering Clamp in Nepal without compromising the quality so that you can rest easy on your concrete construction project, regardless of how big it may be!