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Reservation of rights 

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Price and Payments

The prices of the products are subject to change during the negotiation process. 

The preferred method of payment is cash in hand. However, we accept personal cheques or company-issued cheques.

Delivery and Risks

The risk of accidental loss and deterioration of the goods and services shall be handed over to the customer as soon as the goods are delivered. We will not be held liable for any deterioration of our products once the goods have been delivered or used by the customer. 

The customer shall pay the delivery charge if they cancel the order at the last hour. 

Warranty Claim

The warranty of the goods is disclosed during the dealing of the product. We are obligated to replace the goods should they be found defective before the warranty period is over. Additionally, we are obliged to exchange the goods should they have specifications different from when stated during the deal or as per the warranty. 

The information regarding defective goods should be notified as soon as they get to the customer. Pappu Trade Concern holds the complete right to void the warranty if the information regarding the defective goods are notified after a long delay. 

Final Provisions 

  • Pappu Trade Concern has the complete right to take legal action in case of bounded cheques, unregistered companies, vat numbers and other technical hindrances. 

  • Pappu Trade Concern also has the complete right to take legal action  if the payment is not made as per understanding.

Pappu Trade Concern has the complete right to change the terms and conditions at our disclosure.